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Soup’s on in Lafayette every Tuesday night
Community church volunteers serve it up free to the community

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LAFAYETTE – Dinner’s served from 4 to 6 p.m. Tuesday evenings in the Lafayette Community Center. You can’t make reservations, but they’re sure to find a table for you.
Don’t bother bringing your wallet it’s all free. The Lafayette Community Church soup kitchen serves hot meals to 30 to 50 people a week in the community center, at the corner of Second and Adams streets.”There’s no charge, even if you’re a millionaire,” a soup kitchen volunteer emphasized. “We just want to share.” Marsha Martin and Milly Dun- woody have been here since 2 o’clock in the afternoon, cooking sloppy joes. On any given Tuesday, the steaming pots in the little kitchen may hold hearty soup, like chicken and noodle among the favorites of regular patrons. Meals are served with bread be greeted by name when you return.
A mother with five small chil- dren comes in from the cold, a lit- tle hesitantly. They’ve been invited several times by a neighbor, but this is their first time to accept the
invitation. The children are helped into donated by area grocers. There’s chairs and heaping plates of food always dessert, too. are quickly delivered by smiling If you live in Lafayette or you’ve dropped in before, you’ll probably
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Soup kitchen schedule
The Lafayette Soup Kitchen will be closed Tuesday but will reopen Jan. 9. Free supper is served from 4 to 6 p.m. each Tuesday. The program is operat- ed by volunteers from the Lafayette Community Church with some support from the community. Some of the food is donated, but most must be pur- chased. To contribute money or to schedule a time to volunteer, call the church at 503-864- 8409.

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Milly Dunwooty prepares bread for patrons of the soup kitchen in Lafayette Community Center. Work is done on a volunteer basis and helping that night were Janice Leard and Norma Hockinson.